Why we need to choose the right wedding photographer is really important to know. No matter how lavishly you spend on your wedding Day, if your pictures are not captured in the right way, all would be in vain. Your wedding photographer should capture every detail of your big day. From your place card holders to your hair accessories and your makeup applications, it’s your photographer’s responsibility to capture it all. This way, you don’t have to rely completely on memory.

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting process but we have top tips will give you something to consider when making your decision:

1. Browse your Photographer’s Portfolio

Looking through the complete portfolio of photographers you have choosen for your big day. Don’t take current decision for your choices.  Their portfolios will speak for themselves- quality, tonal variation, consistency in their work is what you will need to evaluate. This is sure to give you an idea as to whether they’re heading in your direction.

2. Look Customer reviews and social media are clinchers

Whether it’s an online product that you buy or a dress that you want to wear, reviews give you an idea as to how good they are. The same concept holds good even while choosing a wedding photographer. And social media presence are ‘trust badges’ of sorts that will help you come closer to making a final decision.


3. Shortlist your choices Patiently

What’s important here is that the wedding photographers you choose must be in tune with your vision and capable of transforming it into pixels. Having made that final list of what you consider to be ‘top quality wedding photographers,’ you have to delve a little deeper to find the ‘perfect fit’ in terms of budget, specific needs and their ability to perform in different settings.

4. Keep your eye on budget

Remember, it’s not the number of photographs that you get that count but the quality- so if excellence translates to ‘more money but less number of photographs’, then just go with that. After all, you want the memories of that ‘special day’ to be clothed in the very best. If you’re planning for your wedding six months in advance, then book your wedding photographer too or else you could be in for a disappointment.

5. Know more about equipment and post production

Finding out more about the equipment and camera that they’re using is a good way to show them that they cannot take you for a ride. So, do a little homework on this before you embark on the project.

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