Product shoot is a type of commercial photography, which helps in presenting a product in the best way possible. Just like we upload one picture on Instagram after choosing from hundreds of pictures to portray the best of how we appear in front of the world, product shoot does the same for the products that we need to market.


Since the evident of e-commerce, product shoots have become immensely important. It won’t be much to say that e-commerce and product shoots go hand in hand. Humans have always depended upon the power of our vision since time immemorial. They say, ‘Belief what you see, and not what you hear’. It turns out to be true as in today’s world word of mouth is not as reliable as a correctly captured picture is. Here is some insight over why product shoot is considered essential -


In this fast pacing world where people don’t find time to let alone eat a single meal peacefully, who wouldn’t want to figure out what they want to buy while sipping on a warm cup of chamomile tea at the end of the day, that too from a variety wider than their local markets? Thus, photographing a product in apt lights, with a great camera, multiple angles and unique perspective has become the need of the hour. To eliminate the need for an in-person experience, products are being demonstrated on online platforms with much concern.



One right picture has the power to boost the sales of a product. Stats say that around 3/4th product users find the pictures impactful. Products uploaded with pictures are almost always chosen over the products without one. In fact, 1/4th of the total online sold products are returned, just because the images differ from the actual product. A picture speaks more than a thousand words, and undoubtedly not everyone is a reader, thus replacing some of the words with a mind-blowing snap will only add to the sales.


Social media has influenced generation Z more than anything else. If we look at the facts then visual content is shared 40 times more on social media sites. According to a psychological phenomenon, human beings emotionally react to visual cues. Gauging by how social media responds, pictures with a minimalistic perspective are most shared. It’s high time that we let go of the clutter while shooting products.



Images can also contribute to gathering site traffic if used right. The name by which we save our image and then upload it has a good impact on SEO. Also, the Alt text on images allows search engines to rank your product higher. The most common image format used is .jpeg, so try and upload images of this format while keeping in mind to minimize the size of the image as much as possible, in order to lower the load of the site.


Product users recognize the brand by the pictures associated with a brand, so providing high-quality pictures by making them as appealing as possible is very important. Pictures can be used to create unique visual imagery of your brand, which can be used in broadcasting the product through all possible advertisement channels like hoardings, social media platforms, and websites.

So in order to increase the audience participation without much hassle, one can crowdsource one’s marketing strategies by using product shoots.

We here at flixaura, do exactly that. We can provide you with appealing and immaculate product pictures, to boost your market reach. You just bring the cake, we will make sure to add a cherry on top.

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