A month ago Flixaura went Pushkar and captured the culture and pure essence of Pushkar fair , and we discovered lots of interesting things.

The Pushkar Fair is an annual event which is a business fair and cultural extravaganza in equal measure. Each year, in the month of October – November, tourists from across the globe come to Pushkar to soak into the riot of colour and festivities against a backdrop of hills and sand-dunes.

Thousands of camels converging  the tiny desert town of Pushkar for the annual Pushkar Fair. It's a fascinating and peculiar sight, and a popular opportunity to witness an old Indian traditional style festival. Pushkar fair continues for five days and these five days are a period of relaxation and merrymaking for the villagers  including over 50,000 camels are brought from distant places around to be traded and sold. The camels get dressed up, paraded, shaved, entered into beauty contests, raced, made to dance, and traded by their owners. In addition to the animal trading market, Pushkar in parallel holds a festival of folk music and dances, Ferry wheels, magic shows, horse and camel races and various other traditional sports and team entertainment competitions. There are also many events like horse, bullock-cart, donkey races and various other contests involving livestock that is held in huge amphitheaters set up at the Fair venue on the outskirts of the Pushkar town. The Pushkar Mela also offers the basic essentials of a carnival-like various rides, giant Ferry wheel, hot- air balloons, camel safari, food-stalls etc. 

Due to continue tourist influx, Pushkar has lived up to the demand,offers and sumptuous meals in all major cuisines like Indian, Continental, Asian, Lebanese, Israeli, European, etc. The Pushkar Mela will leave you with picturesque memories for lifetime. Do not forget to carry a camera, as the colors and the vibes have a tendency to stop you in your tracks. There is some amazing Photography that FLIXAURA captures the essence of old traditions, culture, and more about Pushkar fair. Our holidays were worthy of special memories. We enjoyed the trip a lot,met new people and learnt about new cultures. Contact us to view more interesting Photography of ours.

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