We completely believe in photography for any reason, and especially photography for no reason because these create most beautiful candid pictures at all. The pre-wedding shoot was a lot of fun. But most couples today waste time waiting until they're engaged before they considered professional photography.

Most important in couple photography, it is a must that a couple is easy to engage, as it helps the photographer to capture the best shots comfortably. There has to be a comfort zone between them, to make the shoot going.

Nowadays, the wedding is more like the crowning jewel of adulthood. Once you've got the degree, job, house, and committed relationship under your belt you can top it off with friends and family at a wedding of your dreams.

So what are you doing to remember those 5 years in-between meeting your love and figuring out you might actually want to walk down the aisle with them?

One of the hardest emotions to capture is love because most struggle to even find a definition for it. We have put together a list of couple photo shoot ideas that are sure to melt anyone’s heart.

1.    Talk to the couple

Different couples have different type of ideas for their pre-wedding photos. Some couples want it to be simple and natural but elegant, while others opt for more glamorous, editorial shots. It’s important to discuss this before doing the session, so you can deliver exactly what the clients envision.

Couples have usually formed ideas before they meet the photographer, but it always helps when the photographer can come with more creative ideas for the engagement session.

2.    Laugh like there’s no one watching you

You might be seen numbers of people watching at camera with stern expressions, but you should aim to keep your couple photo shoots full of laughter. How happy you make each other, as well as the unique connection they share.

3.    Be comfortable with Photographers

Couples should be comfortable with each other and comfortably do what your photographers want you to do. You can also suggest your photographers if you have something in mind. If your environment is good & easy for you then every pictures comes out with beautiful memories.

4.    Find Location under budget

 In starting discussing with the couple regarding the kind of photoshoot and all they want, is to search for good locations. Make sure that your client is happy with the location that you suggested as sometimes camera-shy people might feel uneasy in crowded places and the pictures will not turn out to be good. Always be creative with locations and theme, this is one Pre- wedding shoot idea that will take you a long way.


5.    Tell your story through the shoot

Make your pre-wedding videos in your own way, like asking the couple about their story, how they met, where they hang out, about their personalities, likes, and dislikes through the videos. The photoshoot will immortalize their love story and become a lifetime memory they will always cherish.

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