In India, one of the greatest celebrations & joy is about to happen. The name is Holi. If you’ll be experiencing it for the first time, it’s going to be highly memorable! When photographing Holi, the biggest worries are protecting your gear, getting your shots, and looking after yourself.


The legendary Hindu festival Holi is linked to Lord Vishnu to celebrate the victory of good over evil and to Lord Krishna, in honor of the divine love of Radha for Krishna.

Visually exhilarating with its many colors, for photographers, Holi, is an absolute treat! Well, a threat to the gear too, with all the colored water being splashed around. Yet, there are photographers, who cannot keep their hands of their camera when there are endless opportunities for getting amazing Holi pictures and fun. You can’t be blamed if you’re one of them too. What’s important, however, is that you take care of a few things while shooting for those stunning Holi pictures in the midst of an often-boisterous, Holi celebration. Read on to know a few tips with great pictures of Holi festival

1. Crowds of joy

Become a part of the crowd! Now that you’ve decided to try your hand at Holi photography, it’s important to become a part of the vivacity. Try to get to a higher vantage point. Look for the powder flying around and capture those moments.

2. Took Portraits of people with colorful faces

Request for portrait shots. Happy faces bathed in color can be a sheer joy to photograph.  Don’t wait until the end of this. Take these pictures when you can still see the different colors clearly defined on their faces. Open the aperture up wide so you’ll get nice bokeh in the background.

3. Explore as much as you can

Explore! Explore more celebrations around you. Get on that bike and move to another site. The more you explore the more chances of you to building a vibrant collection of Holi pictures.

Capturing pictures on Holi will be an experience you’ll not forget in a hurry and the results you get will often be astounding. Make sure to add value to your work by getting personalized photo prints of your clicks!

There are many more cities in India who played this festival in their own way. Because it is the festivals of fun and enjoyment. For capturing this Holi functions investors need a quantity of professionals photographers with drone photography and videography in your to function. Contact team of Flixaura, we are a professional's videographers and photographers for your holi event this year.

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